YSC Office Fit Out


YSC is a business psychology consultancy firm that helps senior executives develop their performance. The challenge for this project to resolve the conflict between the demand for privacy between client and consultant, and the need for communication between consultants. One requires a highly cellularised form of accommodation, whilst the other necessitates an open-plan arrangement.

Fresh air and daylight were seen as a priority for the client interview rooms, which are arranged around the perimeter of the space next to the windows. The centre of the plan on each level, is a common room surrounded by cloister like circulation so that consultants, coming from private interviews, can mingle and learn from each other.

The spaces were defined by a series of fixed and sliding glazed screens. Using a highly coloured weave pattern on the glass it was possible to attain a level of privacy, whilst allowing natural light to filter into these central spaces. Open or closed the screens are able to modulate the level of privacy required.

As the screens move across one another, the surrounding spaces irradiate with flickering colours, one pattern and colour against the next. The stretched wavering lines on the glass make the partitions appear more three dimensional, a thicket of shadows, reflections and colour.

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