Peterhouse Masterplan


Peterhouse, Cambridge commissioned Niall McLaughlin Architects to carry out a Masterplan Options Study for the development of their main site. The study looks at a 25-year vision with the key objective to enhance the living and working environment for students, fellows and staff as well as to create better connections between the different parts of the College’s site.

The masterplan studies the College’s historic buildings dating back to the C13 and explores options for repositioning the existing 1950s kitchen extension and proposing a new coffee house as an informal social space in its place. Furthermore, the study proposes options for improvements to individual buildings such as the library. It looks at bringing cohesion to the College’s east site of Trumpington Street by exploring options for development to the site of the existing car park and Hostel building. Landscaping is considered throughout with new social spaces proposed to the rear of the terraced houses, opening up student accommodation to the green spaces that lie beyond.

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