Carmelite Prayer Room


This project is for an interior re-modelling of an existing prayer room located within a protected structure. The project was developed in consultation with the community in residence at St. Teresa’s Priory.

Prayer is a cornerstone in the life of the Carmelite Friars. The intention of the proposal is to retain the use of an existing prayer room while creating a warm and welcoming space that is conducive to collective prayer and song, as well as private contemplation. It will not only improve the quality of the daily lives of the friars but will help conserve and protect an important part of the heritage and built fabric of St. Teresa’s Priory.

The brief sets out that the room be reorganised in layout so as to relate the altar and seating in a more satisfactory way, allowing greater proximity and intimacy between the celebrant and the community. The proposal seeks to improve the characteristics of the space by modifying the quality of light, improving the layout and using materials appropriate to the protected structure.

A new space is created that is in effect a room within a room. The principal modifications include; the Insertion of timber post and beam structure into the room to include built-in seating for collective prayer; the insertion of backlit translucent screens to mediate light; the insertion of sandblasted laylights to order the room and simplify the internal space. The structure will be of oak and the translucent screens will have a decorative pattern to filter and play with the light in the prayer room.

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