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APRIL 2019

The Alexander Thomson Society

Niall delivered this years annual lecture to the Alexander Thomson Society on the 2nd April at St Vincent Street Church in Glasgow.

Founded in 1991. The Alexander Thomson Society works to promote and safegaurd the works of the Scottish architect Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson.


MARCH 2019

Bartlett Inaugral Lecture

As part of the Bartlett’s Spring International Lecture Series where experts, visionaries and skilled professionals from across the world come to share ideas and give invaluable insight, Niall will be giving the inaugral lecture on the 20th March. Niall’s talk titled ‘Six Pockets of Time’ will look at how architecture is, at heart, an embodiment of time. Niall will show different conceptions of time evident in six projects.


MARCH 2019

One of our associates, Tom McGlynn will be giving a talk as part of the TEDx Cambridge University Conference 2019 on the 16th March. It is an annual, independently organised event which aims to spark discussion and create a platform for the sharing of new and important ideas within the local community. Tom’s talk titled ‘There is Music in Every Building’ will be looking at the parallels between architecture and music. Please click here to visit the TEDx website.