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MAY 2015

T1 Concrete Panels

Pre-cast concrete panels for our T1 project at Kings Cross are currently being manufactured at the Techrete factory in Ireland with installation of the first panels due to commence in the next week. Here are some ‘as struck’  images of the capital panels that will be fitted to the top of the piers.


MAY 2015

Architectural Association of Ireland Lecture

Niall will give a talk to the Architectural Association of Ireland in Dublin. The lecture will look at all new projects including the Peabody Housing at Whitechapel, The Theatre at Worcester College in Oxford and the Tapestry Building at King’s Cross in London.


APRIL 2015

Jesus College Planning Approval

We have won planning and listed building consent for the first phase of a significant development for Jesus College, Cambridge.

The West Court development includes the sensitive refurbishment and extension of a Grade II Listed building to provide research facilities, offices, social spaces and accommodation. A new café pavilion and basement bar extends the building’s north elevation and provides a prominent link to the rest of the College.

A 1970s building closes the courtyard to Jesus Lane and will be refaced, refurbished and converted to provide a lecture theatre with research facilities and two floors of academic accommodation. Linking the two existing buildings, a new entrance building houses conference facilities and serves the lecture theatre, research spaces and an exhibition room. It will provide access to future phases of the development including a new purpose-built auditorium, formal courtyard and nursery along with storage, archive and sports facilities.

The Master of Jesus College, Professor Ian White, said “We are excited by the opportunity the West Court development brings to take the facilities we can offer to students, alumni and the wider world to a new level of excellence.”