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JULY 2019

RIBA National Award Winners

Our two projects, LAMDA and Hampshire House, have both been awarded RIBA National Awards.

The judges commented on Hampshire House “With a dignity and unmatched considered simplicity, this home is a strong reflection of the immediate landscape and a distinguished architectural achievement”. The judges commented on LAMDA “In contrast with his own Oxbridge work, Níall McLaughlin at LAMDA shows he can do gritty, hard-edged form, this project’s performance spaces being carved from a tough urban site.”


MAY 2019

Auckland Castle Wing Extension

Following the completion of the Auckland Tower, the Faith Museum is our second project at Auckland Castle and is an extension to the Grade I listed Scotland Wing. Unlike its vertical sister, which wears its expressed timber structure on the outside, the Faith Museum is singular and monolithic in its appearance, forming a continuous horizontal stone edge to an enclosed courtyard. Cop Crag sandstone, local to the north-east of England, is the external treatment for the roof, walls and weatherings of the building. Far from being homogenous, the stone is alive with natural variation which ranges from delicate lacy swirls to something resembling animal markings.

The principal internal space is a 9.5m tall gallery which follows the steeply pitching roof form, supported by a procession of closely-centred fine metal trusses. The Museum is largely inward-looking, borne of its intended purpose for contemplation and preservation of religious artefacts. This provides further enjoyable contrast and conversation between our two buildings in how they seem to view one another: the Tower’s expansive 360˚ views offering a full appreciation of the Faith Museum in its entirety as begins to take form, whilst the introspective Museum offers the only the slightest peek of its neighbour over the wall.