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MARCH 2015

Niall gave a presentation to the RIBA Education Review at a specially convened Forum and Council, which debated significant changes to the structure of architectural education. Niall spoke about the relationship between education and practice, arguing for a lifelong cycle of practice and education.

“Education should not end with RIBA Part III, or even limp along through minimum prescribed CPD events. It should no longer be possible for an architect to finish their education. I propose a more comprehensive model of life-long learning. If practitioners come back to the schools throughout their lives, they will be constantly invigorated and, by extension, they will constantly invigorate the schools to which they return. This would constitute a discourse – in the sense of a ferrying back and forth – in which practice and education are both part of a seamless continuity. The purpose of education is not so much the acquisition of set skills but – to borrow a phrase from John Hattie – learning how to learn. Once you have done this, you have built an engine for a lifetime of renewal.”



Nasrin Shah Building Ground Breaking

A Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on 25th February for the commencement of the Nasrin Shah Building in Worcester College, Oxford.  The event was attended by Beard the main contractor, members of the design team and representatives of the College. The Provost Sir Jonathan Bate and the Client’s representative Dr Afifi Al-Akiti conducted the ceremony, allowing work to commence on the construction of ground works. The building is expected to be completed in late summer 2016. You can follow progress on site by visiting the contractor’s webcam here.