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APRIL 2018

Natural History Museum Entrance

The new entrance to Natural History Museum is now complete and open to the public. The two new planters to the NHM entrance are now populated with Macaronesian plants. Some of these have been grown in a dedicated space at Kew Gardens over the last several months. To view the full press release please click here.


APRIL 2018

Drawing Matter

Drawing Matter are exploring the role of sketch books “in the development of an architect, an artist and their architectural and artistic ideas”.  Entitled Wandering Routes, a selection of Niall’s sketches and drawings for the Alzheimer’s Respite Centre in Dublin are featured alongside a transcript of a conversation with Tina di Carlo and Olivia Horsfall Turner. To go to the site please click here.


APRIL 2018

Jesus on Detail

Our project for Jesus College Cambridge has been featured on Detail Online – “Niall McLaughlin have restored and expanded the historical buildings of Jesus College with a convincing concept that creates a harmonious relationship between old and new.” To see the feature please click here.