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Living Within – Messums Wiltshire

Our exhibition piece Presences that was our contribution to the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale Architettura 2018 is to be part of an exhibition at Messums Wiltshire.

Their architectural models exhibition at Messums, which this year is centred on the role of creative spaces and set against the backdrop of Elisabeth Frink’s Woolland Studio. We will look at both the importance of creative space and highlight the beauty in the making of an architectural model with an exhibition including those designed for artists’ studios, galleries, arts schools and libraries.

The exhibition runs from 12th September until the 18th October. More information can be seen on the Messums website here.



Messums Wiltshire Talk

On the 12th September Niall will be part of  a panel discussion alongside Peter Clegg, Piers Taylor and Jenny Jones. Chaired by Kate Goodwin ‘A Place Together’ will examine the future of the city centre and high rise architecture; airports and theme parks.

The discussion takes Elisabeth Frink’s reconstructed Woolland Studio – and her creative environment as the backdrop. A Place Apart (starts 10:30am) and A Place Together (starts 2pm), which recall Frink’s statement about her studio and solitary practice and a contrasting talk about how collective spaces need to be reimagined and how architecture is adapting to a post Covid-19 society.

Tickets can be purchased here.


JULY 2020

Combs, cages, and thickets

An article by Andrew Carr has been published in Architectural Research Quarterly examining themes in the work of our practice. “Repeating linear elements organised into arrays and lattices are commonly manifest in the work of Níall McLaughlin Architects.” The article “describes a series of projects that explore the use of this ‘architecture of line’ in the work of the practice.”

Please click here to go the the ARQ website for a preview of the article.