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JULY 2020

International Prize for Sacred Architecture

The Bishop Edward King Chapel is among the shortlist of 10 buildings for the International Prize for Sacred Architecture judged by the Frat Sole Foundation. The Jury was composed by the following members of the Scientific Committee of Frate Sole Foundation: don Valerio Pennasso, arch. Giorgio Della Longa, prof. arch. Esteban Fernandez Cobian, arch. Caterina Parrello, prof. Walter Zahner, arch. Luigi Leoni. The Winner of the VII edition of the International Prize for Sacred Architecture, will be voted by a second and will be announced in late July.


MAY 2020

Architecture Foundation Drawing Together

On May 14th as part of the Architecture Foundation 100 day Studio NMLA hosted a collective drawing event. At a time where people are physically separate, we were delighted to bring a large group together to draw. The event allowed a new level of participation in our studio’s collective drawing practice.

Participants were split into a series of ‘breakout rooms’, each led by someone from NMLA. A journey was narrated that encouraged people to draw themselves in the windows of their homes, then come to the street to clap and interact with one another, and finally to collectively design a public space. This narrative created a series of detailed, imagined scenes that have been combined into one colourful tapestry.

The event finished in unison with Thursday’s Clap for Our Carers, with the drawing revealed alongside a soundtrack by composer Kevin Pollard.

To view the final drawing and watch the video please go to our Instagram feed here.