Isle of Wight Pavilion

A dining pavilion and out-house overlooking a tidal saltmarsh in the north east of the Isle of Wight.

Conceived as a delicate steel frame that floats above a meadow of wild grasses, the pavilion houses a long dining hall supported by three small pod spaces: a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

The building is organised around a repeating 5m x 5m grid of slender quadripartite columns that frame views and support a lightweight trussed roof structure. This large overhanging roof canopy unites the four volumes and forms a perimeter verandah. The building envelope passes through the centre of each column, revealing the building skeleton to both the inside and the outside.

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The metal frame is painted in a rich golden and the roof is lined with slowly oxidizing copper. Together with the weathered silver deck, these materials reflect the warm hues and cool tones of the surrounding pasture and marshland in front.