City Hall, Cork

We designed new public toilets for Cork City Hall. The cubicles are lined in stainless steel and each one is illuminated by a square light box over the concealed cisterns. The cubicle doors are full height and are made of stainless steel. In the centre of each room is a large stainless steel washing table with concealed hot air dryers and small personal mirrors.

The level of illumination for each space is relatively low. At one end is a large glass wall with light behind it, at the other end a full height mirror. Together with the polished stainless steel, the walls at the edges of the space either emit light or reflect it. Narrow spot lights on the ceiling illuminate the central washbasins. The effect is that the sidelight is diffuse and blueish whilst the top light is focused and goldish. The presence of the space is achieved in the mingling and reflection of the two kinds of light.