What You Told Us

Niall McLaughlin Architects (NMA) had been asked by the London Borough of Camden (LBC) to design new care homes for older people (HOPS) in their borough. There will be two new homes on two sites. The site at Maitland Park Road will house a new 60-bed care home and 35 extra care homes. The site at Wellesley Road will house a new 60-bed care home. Both homes will be for frail older people, a large proportion of whom will have dementia.
We believe that consultation is a vital part of the design process. Good buildings are rarely produced by a single mind. Our intuition is that consultation extends the possibilities of the project.
Three visioning workshops were held to discuss how the future care homes should be. The HOPS team hosted the events and invited various groups including the architects, care home managers, residents, Camden staff and    04 people who had indicated an interest in setting up working groups.

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Further consultation will occur with smaller, more distinct groups. In particular the care home staff, care home managers and those groups which were not well represented at the larger consultations such as the BME (black and minority ethnic people) and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender/ transsexual people).
This document is a record of what we have been told in the visioning events. It aims to set out the ethos for the new care homes. It is a ‘scrapbook’ containing all the accumulated ideas from the consultations, which will be used to inform the design of these care homes.
Our aim has been to represent the information in an accessible format. It is visual rather than literal. It is the result of active consultation rather than passive consultation and some of the comments are contradictory. We want the document simply to illustrate the story so far. We do not expect to come to any conclusions at this stage. There will continue to be regular consultations throughout the design process.

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